• Noma Boot Store

    Noma Boutique: Boots Sent From the French and Italian Gods

    I must admit it pains me a little to not keep this great find a secret.  When it comes to shoes, I do not play nice.   I am very particular and I will covet a pair once my eyes fall in love.  To me, shoes will either make or break an outfit.  When I tell you […] Read more…

  • Little Red Dress

    Little Red Dress: Spice up Your Wardrobe

    I know everyone swears by the Little Black Dress, and of course my closet is full of one too many of these.  However, I am here today to shout from the rooftop about the LRD…aka. the Little Red Dress.  Nothing makes a statement like red, let’s be honest.  And sure, nothing is quite as exciting as […] Read more…


  • Erni Vales art

    Fulton Market Kitchen: Chicago’s artistically delish restaurant

    While spending a few days in Chicago for work, I was on the hunt to find a really cool, hip new restaurant to dine at with a few friends.  Fulton Market Kitchen was rated one of the “12 best-looking restaurants across the US” by Zagat, so I knew I had to check this spot out! […] Read more…

  • elvis

    Brunch for the Whole Family

    Le Pain Quotidien: Encino, California A weekend brunch outing can be such a to do, especially in LA.  The lines are exhausting.  The wait can run you up to 2 hours.  And of course the A-listers always have first priority.  I have found my breakfast gem in the Valley: Le Pain Quotidien in Encino.  Your […] Read more…


  • jump street

    Jump Street (Katie, TX) / Playland Adventures (Brewer, ME)

    Popping up across the country are indoor-trampoline-play areas – aka everything I need to fulfill my childhood dream (sans Welch’s strawberry soda and frosted hair like DJ Tanner.) Jump Steet: In addition to a room full of trampolines, Jump Street has a basketball court, bull riding, dodge ball, a climbing area complete with harness and […] Read more…

  • IMG_3955

    Nazi Compound in Los Angeles, Murphy’s Ranch Trail

    Hiking of the fun and strange variety! You may not know this about me yet but I hate almost everything that falls under the category of exercise. I can lose whole days binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer while creating spreadsheets of the various Halloween projects I need to accomplish. But in an effort to […] Read more…


  • wed

    Southern Bridesmaids Gone Wild!

    As two girls from the South, we know that no one quite does a party like Southerners. And if it is a wedding, forget about it! All bets are off. Recently my friend received an invite in the mail from Alabama that had an invitation from her dear friend from childhood. The delivery requested the […] Read more…

  • hands


    When I started out doing research for this post, I intended to write about the difference in men and women’s perspective on what being “loving” or “lovey” means. Assuming that both men and women tackle emotion from different ends of the field. EXHIBIT A- Jennifer and Jake have been in a serious, committed relationship for […] Read more…


  • tay

    Taylor Swift burns Spotify

    It is safe to say that the digital world has forever changed the music scene.  No longer do teens flock to the music stores to sift through the aisles of newly released cd albums.  So easy it is today to access your fave musical tunes at the click of your keypad.  Spotify, Pandora, iTunes….streaming music makes […] Read more…

  • sky-is-falling-yo

    The MF sky MIGHT be falling

    An Angeleno guide to the Big Drizzle of 2014 Today is a very exciting day! It is, of course, Halloween. Also momentous TODAY, the usually glassy eyed weather men of LA are wiggling around like excited toddlers because they have something new and different to report on. Try to remain calm. At sunset it is supposed to RAIN. (Not to be […] Read more…